Regarding the state of emergency

Everyone at Osaka Umeda Church

As you all know, a state of emergency has been declared in Osaka. This is because the number of newly infected people has increased rapidly due to the expansion of the Corona Virus. As such, we decided to cancel all future masses until new announcement. However, we plan to hold Streaming Live Mass as always (English Mass at 9am on Sunday, Japanese Mass at 11am).

Our building of Sacra in Osaka Umeda Church is special, without windows. It’s not a better situation for everyone in the community. I think that protecting your life is the most important basic idea. Also, many believers live far away, and the risk of infection is higher if they can come by public transport. It is not in good condition to come to church during the state of emergency. Please refrain from coming to church and hope to pray at home. By Streaming Live Mass we educate our sense of community.

Thank you for your cooperation.