Resumption of public masses

Parishioners and visitors to Osaka Umeda Church

As you know, the “State of emergency” has been lifted in Osaka. However, it is still necessary to continue to act cautiously to prevent Coronavirus infection. The Pastoral Council, which includes English Community leaders, was held on March 7th, and agreed on the following:

Due to the rapid increase in the number of those infected with the new coronavirus, the public Mass, canceled from Friday, January 22nd, complies with the “Infectious Disease Response Guidelines” (temperature, disinfection of fingers and seats, number limit, social distancing, etc.) and the Public Mass will recommence from 4/4 (Sun).
The dates for Holy Week and Easter Sunday public Mass are as follows.

Times Mass Language Remarks
3/28 09:00 Palm Sunday English Live Streaming available
11:00 Japanese
4/1 19:00 Holy Thursday Japanese
20:15 English
4/2 19:00 Holy Friday Japanese
20:15 English
4/3 19:00 Holy Saturday Japanese
20:15 English
4/4 7:00 Easter Japanese (Max. 80 persons)
9:00 English (Max. 80 persons) Live Streaming available
11:00 Japanese (Max. 80 persons)
13:00 English (Max. 80 persons)
  1. Mass [Resurrection Sunday] 4/4 will be celebrated with 80 attendees. Also on the same day at 9:00 and 11:00 (4/4 Sun) a farewell Mass will be held for Father Wada and Father Bradley, who will be transferred to another mission from April.
  2. From April 10th, the number of attendees at Mass will be limited to 50
  3. From April 10th (Saturday), Mass attendance will be on a first come, first served basis.​(Max. 50 persons per Mass, after which, there will be no further admittance.)

Thank you for your cooperation.