Measures associated with the new coronavirus infection (15th)

From Cardinal Maeda, Archbishop of Osaka.

+ The Peace of the Lord be with you,

The spread of the new coronavirus infection continues across the country and the rate of hospital bed utilization is also increasing. With the August 17 announcement, the government extended the previously issued “State of Emergency” to Osaka Prefecture until September 12, and at the same time declared a state of emergency to Hyogo Prefecture from August 20 to 12. of September. Along with this, the Diocese of Osaka will continue until September 12.

As for the Osaka and Hyogo prefectures, the mass will be closed according to measure 11 (of April 23).

For Wakayama prefecture, continue the public mass in a format that conforms to Measure 13 (June 18).

Please forgive me for this decision to give a sense of loss for the Mass. Above all, we have decided that it is important to protect your health and life, and to walk together in faith long after you have patience. Thanks for your understanding. Let’s overcome this test together and at the same time discover the message of God behind us with the eyes of faith.

In prayer and gratitude