Measures associated with the new coronavirus infection (16th)

From Cardinal Maeda, Archbishop of Osaka.

+ The peace of the Lord:

The road to the end of the Coronavirus infection is still halfway there. We thank the medical staff for their dedication and daily effort, and we pray for the speedy recovery of those who are forced to care for themselves at home due to anxiety, and those who are being cared for in the hospital. As each person’s infection prevention measures have passed the peak of the spread of this infection and are gradually diminishing, we can see a ray of light approaching the day when we can gather for Mass and praise God.

The cancellation of the “State of Emergency” issued to Osaka and Hyogo prefectures was scheduled for September 12, but was not canceled and was extended until September 30. Along with this, the Diocese of Osaka will continue until the “State of Emergency” is lifted.

  • As for Osaka and Hyogo prefectures, the mass is canceled according to measure 11 (April 23).
  • For Wakayama prefecture, continue the public mass in a format that conforms to Measure 13 (June 18).

To prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, many people can feel stressed about their lives without leaving home. After the “State of Emergency” is lifted, I would like you to come to church and share the message of God that you felt during this period.

In prayer and gratitude