Christmas and New Year masses

Christmas masses: Reservation needed (up to one mass only) December 24th (Friday) 17:00: Japanese 18:30: English 20:00: International December 25th (Saturday) 7:00: Japanese 9:00: English 11:00: Japanese 13:00: English Attendance limit on 24th and 25th: 80 persons inside + 40 outside December 26th (Sunday) 7:00: Japanese 9:00: English 11:00: Japanese (reservation needed) 13:00: English 15:00: … Continued

Pastoral Council’s Decisions

Mass will restart from October 17. Each mass is limited to 50 people. English mass will be first come, first serve basis. Reservations are required for the 11 h mass in Japanese. Reservations are not necessary for the Japanese Mass (7 h), the English Mass (9 h and 13 h), and the Spanish Mass. Priests … Continued